Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rom coms of the decade

A few nights ago, I had a rare experience. I went to the movies to watch a romantic comedy, and I enjoyed it. I was so excited that I wanted to write a review but to be honest there wasn't that much to write about. So I thought "Hey. Maybe I'll make a list of 5 fun rom coms of the year!" It took me a day to figure out that such a list does not exist. So I thought, "OK. Let's do Top 10 of 2005 - 2010". Yep... A weekend later and I barely had a handful of movies to consider. Here's the best I could come up with: 15 rom coms of the decade (2001 until 2010).

Now I'm pretty sure I will not find a single person willing to agree with me on every one of those films, but I'm hoping that everyone will enjoy watching most of them. The movies in the list have at least one of these characteristics:
- Very smart and funny script
- Super original idea
- Adorable lead actress

I will also try to put something about each movie in order to sell it to you skeptics. Here goes, in no particular order and with a link to IMDB:

1. Juno (2007)

Sweet and cute movie about a teenage pregnancy with an awesome soundtrack. I thought Ellen Page would become the talk of the town after this but she couldn't quite diversify her roles enough for that. I guess there's still time. Here's a cool quote:

Juno MacGuff: No, I heard you. I just, like, don't want to give the baby to a family that describes themselves as "wholesome". Well, I don't know, I just want something a little more edgier.
Leah: Okay, well what did you have in mind?
Juno MacGuff: I was thinking more, like, graphic designer... mid thirties, you know, with a cool Asian girlfriend who, like, dresses awesome and rocks out on the bass guitar. But I don't want to be too particular.

2.Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain(2001)

This French film is only 9 years old but already feels like it was made in a simpler time, when love was pure and innocent. It's a must for everyone.

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

I'm not quite sure if Eternal Sunshine fits under a typical romantic comedy genre, but I don't know where else I would put it. Delving into the subconscious and attempting to deconstruct the components that make this thing we call love, this movie has it all. A great soundtrack, fantastic acting, brilliant plot line, impressive execution and a treat to watch. It redeems Jim Carrey and reasserts the fact that Kate Winslet is an amazing actress (We forgive her role in The Holiday. We have to.).

4. Easy A (2010)

Emma Stone is simply adorable. She is the movie. Watch this clip. If it doesn't do it for you, neither will the movie

5. Penelope (2006)

Anyone up for a fairy tale where the prince is not a prince but a gorgeous Scottish guy who makes you want to throw away your crown and glass slippers? Here's my favourite fairy tale, but in reverse: Beauty and the Beast where beauty is the wonderful James McAvoy (many of us fell in love with him in Atonement) and the beast is the adorable Christina Ricci, who has been put under a spell, blah blah blah. We all know the rest.

6. 17 Again (2009)

I don't know what it is about this movie that made me smile for an entire day after watching it. The plot line is nothing special, a mix of Back to the Future and Freaky Friday though the script is solid with quite a few funny scenes. But I think it was the fact that I had just met Zac Efron, looked deep into his dreamy eyes and remembered what it was like to be a teenager that did it for me. Or maybe the movie really is THAT fun. I may have to rewatch to decide.

7. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

This movie doesn't make any sense. But who wouldn't wanna watch Kate Hudson be incredibly cute and funny? Seriously. Who?

8. The Proposal (2009)

The first hour of this movie is hilarious. Ryan Reynolds is back in Two Guys and a Girl form and Sandra Bullock is... well Sandra Bullock, nothing to write home about. Just watch till the cheese starts. It's worth it.

9. (500) Days of Summer (2009)

I've actually reviewed this film in Whatshup so I'll leave my review to do the talking. But this is another must!

10. Julie & Julia (2009)

This is the first movie I've seen that's takes a serious stab at blogging. And yes, it did start me thinking about it (so you can sue the writers). It's a true story. And although it's pretty light in content, it's not much of a comedy. I would say however that it is full of passion. For food, for love and for sharing your thoughts with the world. Don't you ever wonder if they really care?

If you're slightly interested, here's the actual blog this movie is based on: The Julie/Julia Project.

11. 2 Weeks' Notice (2002)

This is a silly silly movie. But I like Hugh Grant in it. He's funny. And there's a strange chemistry going on between him and Bullock. However, if he gets on your nerves in any way, avoid this one like the plague.

12. Imagine Me & You (2005)

Another movie reviewed in Whatshup. Gay love but not Brokeback Mountain style. A little less tragic, to say the least.

13. Bridget Jones Diary (2001) / Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)

Say what you will but the people behind the Bridget Jones series deserve a lot of credit. First of all, the movies are almost as good as the books (comparable to efforts expended to make LOTR and Harry Potter). And second, the sequel is even better than the original (again, comparable to LOTR and Harry Potter). And hey, whoever hates Hugh Grant can enjoy watching him get dumped here.

14. The Sweetest Thing (2002)

I may be the only person in the world who enjoyed this movie. I guess it's the Cameron Diaz effect. But I saw it twice and in both times laughed hard! I could have lived without the male protagonist though.

15. Shrek (2001)

What's better than a fairy tale? OK. If you think like me you'd probably say, "Everything". But that's not what Shrek is. In fact, Shrek is the anti-thesis of a fairy tale. Just like Dancer in the Dark was the anti-thesis of a musical. Except Shrek doesn't make you want to hang yourself, and is actually hilarious, entertaining and pretty damn romantic. I'll take that ogre any day over a judgmental prince charming.

Well. That's all I have for now. Would love to know if you think I missed something and I know many can point out the flaws in this list. But as we say, "To each his own". And this is mine.


Randa said...

I love your list and there are definitely some of my favorites there and some that are on my must-watch list now.

Juno, Amelie Poulin, Eternal Sunshine, The Proposal, 500 Days, Bridget Jones are absolutely adorable, Juno being the most awesome.

The Easy A clip got me, I'll definitely be watching that one soon.

Matt said...

Does Lost In Translation not count ... and I am sure that you missed a few more quality Hugh Grant monents, Love Actually had more rom than you could shake a stick at (there was com somewhere there too am sure!)

Lama Bashour said...

Thank you Randa! You should totally check out Easy A.

Matt. Of course Lost in Translation counts, except I didn't like it. And I was really disappointed with Love Actually, actually. Hugh Grant's best days are behind him. This was definitely not his decade.

Lowfields said...

Not exactly my ideal genre.... but I would go for Priceless, the 2006 French movie with the delectable Audrey Tatou as a gold-digger who falls for her male equivalent. With, naturally enough, hilarious consequence.

kosmo said...

"Starter for 10" is a rom com worth your while. It stars James McAvoy in a 1980s setting and for those of you who like The Cure, the soundtrack is almost an exclusive dedication.

Natalie said...

The best Rom Com of all time is Notting Hill, in my opinion. I know it doesn't fit the bill of this list, as it was released in the 90s, but I still feel it should be recognised. I am never annoyed by Hugh Grant!

And, after watching the Easy A clip, I can't get that song out of my head.