Sunday, November 21, 2010

5 degrees of separation

I'm sure most of us have at one point stayed at a hotel in a Gulf country. The question is, did anyone ever take a look at the thermostat inside the room to check what temperature is set in there? Well I have and it's 17 bloody degrees! It's 45 outside. Do they really feel the need to take it down 28 whole degrees? Is 22 not bearable weather anymore? How can all of Europe, which is normally accustomed to a much colder climate, live with 22 but we can't? How do we justify those 5 degrees less? OK I'm not gonna ramble. I'll leave the hilarious Ed Byrne to make my point:

Now this post isn't about the Gulf; I think we can safely give up on those guys. It's about my recent experiences in Beirut and Amman, where the weather has been quite mild and pleasant (and I'm talking 24-26 degrees during the day!). But in most places I went to, the A/C was blasted on at Siberia levels. And when I complain to the waiter, they always say they will take care of it and just ignore me. I have to carry my jacket with me wherever I go. Now I don't get this. Last time I checked, we weren't exporting any fossil fuels. What we seem to be importing though is the fossil-fuel-exporting countries' bad habits of unjustifiable waste - simply to show off.

Can't we just enjoy the weather a bit, bask in some sun and never ever have to listen to a smart ass like Ed Byrne say how great his summer would have been in Beirut if it weren't for the penguins?


Loulia said...

I know why... which people are the most vocal, loud and intimidating on earth?? Post-menopausal Arab women who are not afraid to demand the climate accommodates their hot flashes while the rest of the world shivers in fear and in cold.

- girl who's worn scarves and sweaters in her family home in the middle of summer.

Khaled said...

So on your first post, I was like "heh... interesting." Then I was like, "yeah that's totally true..." and after that I was like "That's exactly what I keep thinking!!"

But now it's just getting creepy, and the next post you might find me slamming my face on my comptuer moniter yelling, "Get out of my brain!!!"

No but seriously, great post. Love the title :).

And Lol to the Loulia comment. Funny, and probably holds more than a grain of truth in it.

Nis said...

It is nonsensical. But maybe it’s the snuggle factor which colder weather demands?

Khaled, are you sucking up to your sis?