Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Yes Madam, No Sir. Another classic from Lebanon.

Seriously. What the hell were MoneyGram thinking when they came up with these ads? Or is it just me and a few others who were insulted by them? But if that were true, then the voice overs of the "pilipino" and Shandra, who is only good at talking and knows it, would have been by an actual man from the Philippines and a Sri Lankan woman named Shandra. Not a Lebanese making fun of the two.

Oh and one more thing MoneyGram: It's not even funny.

MoneyGram Lebanon Summer Campaign Radio Spots:


Anonymous said...

well they re funny is u dont think that this is an ad, but inappropriate for ad material sa7

Communicate magazine said...

Dear Lama,

We’re happy to inform you that your blog about “Moneygram” is featured in our latest issue of Communicate Levant, now available on the market.
Check it out and keep up the good work.