Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Daily Show comes to the Arab world

There is no denying that The Daily Show's Jon Stewart has become a household name not only in the US but in the Arab world as well. With his extensive coverage of world hypocrisy, Stewart has transformed comedy into a serious form of television and become one of the most trustworthy news sources out there. From US republicans and democrats to state leaders throughout the world, he spares no one. Here's a classic moment in the show on America's Freedom Packages:

The formula for The Daily Show is pretty simple. All you need is a camcorder, a desk, research and analytical skills, a keen sense of observation, unwavering integrity, a passion for justice, and oh yeah, a sense of humor. I have recently come across a couple of shows from Egypt and Saudi Arabia that have clearly been inspired by Jon Stewart and fit the bill. In fact, with all this abundant material at our disposal, I am surprised there isn't one for every single Arab country. I am hoping this will be more possible in the coming phase. But until that happens, let's enjoy these two. They're actually pretty good.

Egypt's Bassem Youssef talks about TV call-ins during the January 25 revolution:

Omar Hussein hosts 3al6ayer and reports on corruption, government incompetence, hypocrisy and women's grievances in Saudi Arabia:

Looking forward for the Lebanon version. Can you imagine how much material they can come with every single day?

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